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Importers and distributors of organic certified whole-foods

Our Company

We love orgnic food and like to keep the old-style feel of personalized service. This means: you are important to us no matter how large or small you are. We rely on an efficient supply chain offering exceptionally good prices for high quality organic products.

Good food should be available to everyone, and that's why we want to get the best and freshest products to you for an affordable and fair price. We work directly with farmers/growers and select products cultivated in their land of origin. We value every link of the food chain: the growers, our distributors, small and big customers and our planet. We are committed to the sustainability of rural communities and the certified quality of our products.

Our Story

Both founders, Paolo and Sara, aware of the importance of feeding their children with quality food that was hard to find in the supermarkets, developed the idea of sourcing wholesome certified foods. "Feeding our children with proper natural food had always been a priority and finding good ingredients without additives was becoming increasingly difficult".

In a few years Maretai has become an established supplier of quality ingredients for the organic food industry and has expanded their product range to Coconut Oil, Cacao Products, and super-foods such as Lucuma, Maca, Mesquite and Purple Corn. Currently Maretai sources ingredients directly from organic growers in several countries.

Maretai has now a distributor in New Zealand, shipping our products from Tauranga.

Contact our New Zealand distributor.

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Our Team

team member

Paolo Grossi

CEO and Founder

Passionate about Jazz and Flamenco music, background in IT and committed to continuously improving the quality of service of Maretai.

team member

Sara Oceguera

Community Projects and co-Founder

Nutritionist advisor, chef, natural gift for Bach Flower remedies, always looking at ways to help people. Lover of theater, music and other great things in life.

team member

Bruno Grossi

Customer Relations Manager

Looking after your orders and making sure you get the best possible service. Rock guitar maestro and a great talent for drawing and sculpture.


Jared Johnston

Sales Consultant and Chef

Insatiable adventurer, always looking for new experiences guided by a passion for food and cooking. A world traveller and blogger, Jared is out and about spreading the word about Maretai.


Jaime de la Barrera

Herbalist and Nutritionist Advisor

Born in Mexico, raised in Canada, Jaime studied herbal medicine in the UK, has lectured at the University of Guadalajara, and has lived in Nepal and Thailand studying Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine.

team member

Elodie Pétric

Chef and Photographer

French chef Elodie was born among green pastures and apple orchards of Normandy. Elodie was trained in Paris and UK and now works as an independent chef and photographer in Brisbane.

team member

Carlos Salgado

Graphic Artist

Mexican artist Carlos Salgado is our graphic art advisor and has created the hand-drawn designs on the labels of all of our products. Carlos lives in Spain and travels several times a year to exhibit his paintings.

Featured Chefs

featured chefs

Maretai is happy to support chefs that create wonderful food with our products and share the recipes with our customers. If you are a food artist and would like to share with us your story and recipes please submit a Chef Enquiry form.

Our list of featured chefs includes wonderful people from creative mums to professional chefs.


Featured Chefs