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Sustainable Farming

Food for the future

Our products are produced following sustainable farming practices replenishing the soil by incorporating organic matter into fields and protecting soil from water run off (soil erosion). Crops are selected to minimize impact on coexisting species.

Certified Quality

Organic certified

Certified by International Organic Certification agencies such as BCS, Agricert, IMO. Our products are produced without the use of pesticides nor chemical fertilizers and are not radiated. All our products are GMO Free.

Fairly Traded

A fair supply chain

In order to support the growers, we work with very tight operation margins. We reduce overheads by supporting our operation with the efficient use of IT tools. Efficiency allows for a fair distribution of the margin along the supply chain. We offer the best possible price to the growers while offering the most competitive price to the end customer.

Wholesale Enquiries Welcome

Discounted pricing for manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the organic food industry. Contact us and ask.

Our Products

Organic Raw Agave Syrup Dark

Agave Syrup Dark - Raw Organic

natural low-GI sweetener
Agave inulin powder

Agave Inulin Powder - Raw Organic

dietary fibre, natural thickener and pre-biotic
raw organic cacao powder

Cacao Powder - Raw Organic

nutrient rich derivative of cacao
raw organic cacao butter

Cacao Butter - Raw Organic

essential ingredient for chocolate

Cacao Paste - Raw Organic

pure bitter chocolate, (cacao mass, cacao liquor)
organic raw cacao nibs

Cacao Nibs - Raw Organic

nature's chocolate chips (bean fragments)
virgin coconut oil

Coconut Oil - Raw Organic

virgin, cold extract oil with mild aroma and flavour
coconut sugar

Coconut Blossom Sugar - Organic

unrefined alternative to processed sugar
organic coconut nectar

Coconut Blossom Nectar - Organic

seductive mineral-rich syrup
organic raw maca powder

Maca Powder - Raw Organic

ancient super-food with aphrodisiac qualities
organic lucuma powder

Lucuma Powder - Raw Organic

nutrient-rich ancient super-food
organic raw mesquite powder

Mesquite Powder - Raw Organic

high-protein ancient super-food
organic raw purple corn powder

Purple Corn Powder - Raw Organic

antioxidant-rich ancient super-food

Latest News

criollo cacao beans

Raw cacao cultivated in South East Mexico

  • January, 2013

Cacao was a sacred fruit to the Aztecs and Mayan culture. The beans were ground to prepare Xocolatl, a favorite drink served at weddings and religious ceremonies. Our cacao products are cultivated in South East Mexico where this ancient cultures once flourished.

Maretai Organics CEO meets with Agave growers

Young agaves waiting to mature in Jalisco, Mexico

  • June 2013

The hills of Jalisco, a province in the central-West part of Mexico, is the natural habitat of the Agave plant - a succulent that is cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The conditions of sun and land are ideal to produce the best Agave in the world.